TSNotifier Version 1.6.0g

I just uploaded the new version of TSNotifier.

As always the download and changelog can be found on http://tsnotifier.eu/

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2 thoughts on “TSNotifier Version 1.6.0g”

  1. Hi. Could you help me again, pls? TSN doesn’t works properly for eve online game. When client starts I can see message “TSNotifier enabled (DX11/32bit)” and that’s it. No any messages when somebody speaks in TS.

    TS v3.1.10, TSNotifier 1.6.0g, Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. 1. make sure the HelperPlugin is activated in TS3.
      2. the display-settings in the tray-icon-menu under “General”
      3. if you set up custom “speaker.offsetX” or “speaker.offsetY” in gamesettings.ini, check if those positions are actualy inside you screen.

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