TSNotifier Facebook Page

Ich habe eine eigene Facebook-Page für TSNotifier erstellt. Also bitte alle schön auf “Gefällt mir” klicken 🙂


English howto: TS Notifier

Finally, I found some time to update the English version of the TS Notifier HowTo. As I’m not a native speaker there might/will be some/many mistakes in there. If you notice anything please leave me a comment and I will be glad to correct it.

TSNotifier Version 1.3.6

I just uploaded a new version of TSNotifier.

    New in 1.3.6.

  • Added new option to tray-icon: General -> Show others
    –> displays names of everyone in the channel (default: off)
  • Added new option to tray-icon: Colors -> Others
    –> change color of people who are not speaking (Show others must be enabled)
  • Renamed whitelist.ini to gamesettings.ini
  • Renamed TSNotifier.ini to settings.ini
  • Moved settings.ini to %APPDATA%
  • I switched to the current version of the DirectX-SDK (June 2010)
  • IMPORTANT: you must update the HelperPlugins for this version or you will get a lot of errors
  • IMPORTANT: if you get errors about missing d3dx9_43.dll or d3dx10_43.dll, you have to update DirectX. You can either use the WebUpdater (in the startmenu-folder of TSNotifier) or download the update from this site.

You can download this as always on http://tsnotifier.cfxxl.de/

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