TSNotifier and anti-cheat software

After I released the new TSNotifier version (1.6.0b/c) I got reports that some games (namely Arma 3 and Planetsite 2) don’t show the overlay anymore. It seems both of these games are using the anti-cheat software BattlEye which is blocking TSNotifer.

From what I found out about that software, they’re using a whitelist that contains all the 3rd-party software that is allowed and anything that isn’t on that list is blocked. They are also checking if the 3rd-party software has been changed in any way and are blocking newer versions until they are also whitelisted.

While this text talks about BattlEye specifically the same issue could arise with any anti-cheat tool. But in the end this is not a problem that I can solve unless I stop releasing new versions of TSNotifier.
All you can do is wait until the BattlEye-whitelist is updated to include the new TSNotifier version (and maybe inform them of the issue, that could make things go faster).

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8 thoughts on “TSNotifier and anti-cheat software”

  1. for some reason now when i launch arma3 it shows its blocking my notifier not sure why?

  2. I sent request to BE to add new version to whitelist. Let’s hope that they respond quickly.
    BIG thanks to you Andreas for this great program.

  3. TS3 updated so now it says plugin failed not compatible 20 (current 21)
    I also emailed BE asking them to unblock i got a response back it would be done within 5 min make sure that your run latest version of notifier

  4. Hey / Hallo.

    TSNotifier v 1.6.0c does not display overlay after game update Arma 3 v.1.68 64bit.

    Thx. / Danke.
    I do not speak English.

    1. From what I understand the 64bit version is a new thing. This new version probably has a new filename for the exe-file. That means you need to edit the gamesettings.ini file (right-click tray-icon and click “Edit gamesettings.ini”) and set game.enabled=1 for this new exe file.

  5. [quote]From what I understand the 64bit version is a new thing.
    This new version probably has a new filename for the exe-file. [/quote]
    TSNotifier does not automatically recognize a new file arma3_x64.exe
    I’ve previously modified the gamesettings.ini file manually.

    game.enabled=1 OK
    game.enabled=1 NO

    Thanks / Danke

  6. I already know. The problem is again BattlEye program when my game Arma 3 is running in 64bit version. 32bit version works fine.

    BattlEye log.
    22.03.2017 09:00:33 – Blocked loading of ‘C: \ Program Files (x86) \ TS Notifier \ myd3d9_x64.dll’

  7. Hi im Luke.

    TSNotifier v 1.6.0h does not display overlay in the game Euro Truck Simulator 2.
    TSNotifier start as admin, ts3 and ets2 [Multiplayer] also.
    System win 7 64bit

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