6 thoughts on “TSNotifier Version 1.6.0e”

  1. First thanks for the useful TSNotifier, it works quite good after the set-up. However one point of TSNotifier is IMHO a bit strange:

    According to the logs the TSNotifier hook DLL is injected into every active and started process. If the process is not configured for TSNotifier it is immediately unloaded. Why is the hook injected into every process? I would feel much more safe if the hook would only be injected into the configured game processes. Otherwise any process crash or problem in any process could be caused by TSNotifier.

    1. To inject code into other processes tsnotifier sets up a global window-hook. This will cause Windows to load the dll into every process that has a window. This is the only way to do this that is supported by Windows.

  2. TSNotifier Version 1.6.0f causes guildwars2 to crash when closing teamspeak while still ingame. Reinstalling 1.6.0e the game does not crash when closing teamspeak.
    64bit gw2 and 64bit ts

  3. It looks as if BattlEye is not allowing TSNotifier. It is unfortunate as it was a better tool for me than the “wolf like” one that is out there. If you could request BattlEye to allow the tool it would be great.

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