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  1. Hi. Could you help me again, pls? TSN doesn’t works properly for eve online game. When client starts I can see message “TSNotifier enabled (DX11/32bit)” and that’s it. No any messages when somebody speaks in TS.

    TS v3.1.10, TSNotifier 1.6.0g, Windows 10 Pro 64bit.

    Thank you in advance.

    1. 1. make sure the HelperPlugin is activated in TS3.
      2. the display-settings in the tray-icon-menu under “General”
      3. if you set up custom “speaker.offsetX” or “speaker.offsetY” in gamesettings.ini, check if those positions are actualy inside you screen.

  2. I just can’t find your email address!
    I wanted to say, can you add support for obsolete TeamSpeak2? =D
    Well, add feedback, otherwise you have nowhere to write.

    1. TSNotifier version 1.4.4 was the last version that supported ts2. while you can still download that version from the download page, I can’t offer any support for old versions. Also ts2 support won’t be added back in newer version, sorry.

  3. Well, besides, the overlay is not installed for some reason (it constantly requires a restart), although TS3 is also installed on my computer (the latest version for Windows XP is 32bit).
    Honestly, msi-installers really do not like me, especially since they dictate their conditions))), they would just make a zip archive and that’s it.

  4. Hi Andreas, cooles Tool!

    Die Schriftgröße lässt sich ja auch verändern, wie ich in den release-notes gefunden habe 🙂
    Ich frag mich, ob es ne einfache Möglichkeit gibt, eine Kontur für die Schrift einzustellen, damit man keine Kontrast-Probleme mehr bei ständig wechselnden Spiel-Szenen und -hintergründen hat. Vielleicht gibts ja eine Schriftart, die das von selbst mitbringt.

    Ansonsten nochmal danke für das Tool. Funktioniert auch 2021 hervorragend.

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