How To: TSNotifier


1. Preparations
1.1. Download
1.2. Installation
1.3. Prepare TeamSpeak 3
1.3.1. Manually install Helper Plugin
2. Usage
2.1. Starting the program
2.2. Configuration
2.3. Adding a game to the gamesettings.ini

1. Preparations

1.1. Download

The current version of TSNotifier can be downloaded from You either need the installer or the zip-version.

1.2. Installation

Installer: Just double-click the installer and follow the instructions.
zip: unpack the zip archive to a folder on your harddrive.

1.3. Prepare TeamSpeak 3

To make TSNotifier work with TeamSpeak 3 you have to install the TSNotifier HelperPlugin first. From version 1.3.9. onward this should already be done by the TSNotifier installer. You can ignore the next section unless this didn’t work.

1.3.1. Manually install Helper Plugin

Variant 1:

Right click the TSNotifier tray-icon and select Update HelperPlugins…. If this doesn’t work use variant 2 below.

Variant 2:

Download TSNotifier Helper Plugins from Now you open the zip file and copy the 2 files into your TeamSpeak 3 plugin folder (C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak3\plugins\). Now you open the zip file and extract the file that corresponds to your TeamSpeak 3 installation (32/64bit) to any folder you like (e.g. to your desktop). Double-click the extracted file. This should install the plugin. After that you start TS 3 and open Tools – Options – Addons…. Here you aktivate the TSNotifier HelperPlugin (if necessary). Now TSNotifier should work with TeamSpeak 3.

2. Usage

2.1. Starting the program

If you used the installer, you should find a new group for TSNotifier in the startmenu. Here you click TSNotifier shortcut to start the programm.
If you used the zip-Version, open the folder you extracted the archive to and start TSNotifier.exe (TSNotifier_64.exe should never be started directly).
No matter how you started the program there should be a new icon in the system-tray.

2.2. Configuration

Right-click the tray-icon to open a context-menu that offers various settings. Here you can change language-settings, colors and display-position of speakers etc.

2.3. Adding a game to the gamesettings.ini

To allow TSNotifier to display anything ingame, you have to add the game the whitelist. You do that like this:

  1. Start TSNotifier.
  2. Start the game.
  3. Quit the game.
  4. Right-click the tray-icon and choose Edit gamesettings.ini…
  5. This should open gamesettings.ini in your text-editor. The gamesttings.ini look like this:
  6. One of the last entries should be for your game. Set enabled to 1.

    Important: If the game asks for Admin-rights on launch you will also need to run TSNotifier as Admin.
    For most games you’ll also find entries for launchers. Usually, you don’t need to enable these.

  7. Start the game again. There should be a text showing that TSNotifier is active.

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166 thoughts on “How To: TSNotifier”

  1. Hi Andreas,
    The new installation file (or running createfileassoc.exe… or both) WORKED! All’s good now! Thanks for your patience and assistance Sir.

  2. Hi!
    Is it possible to set exact speaker position (in pixels) not just top-right/top-left/etc?

    1. you can set the position on a per game basis by editing the gamesettings.ini.
      possible values:

      -1: Ignore(use setting from TSNotifier)
      0 : Top-Left
      1 : Middle-Left
      2 : Top-Center
      3 : Center
      4 : Top-Right
      5 : Middle-Right

      If you want to finetune the position use these settings:

        1. you can uses the and font.size settings in your gamesettings.ini to change the font.


  3. I’m unable to make this software works.
    I copied both plugin files in my plugin directory, but then in the plugin menu I don’t see TSNotifier.

    I have TS3 version

    Also if I do an “update plugin” from tsnotifier, the black box says it cannot find TS3.


    1. don’t copy the plugin-files anywhere. you need to double-click the one that corresponds to your ts3-installation to install them.

  4. Hi
    I use TSnotifier many month ago at Lineage 2 Core oficial server but now it’s seems not work with L2. Can somebodycheck it?

  5. is it possible to have bold or normal fonts, can you give a list of all .ini parameters ?

    1. bold fonts are not possible (they are used internally, so right now they can’t be added as an option).
      I wanted to create a list of all the possible .ini settings for a while now but somehow I always manage to forget. Someday it will happen. Or I will actually get around to creating real dialogs, so editing the .ini-files won’t be necessary anymore.

  6. Hi! Cool plugin, but i have a couple of questions on setting it up:

    I like the option when I can see all users in channel. That is “Also non-speaker” ON.
    But there is one problem: when users of more than 20, it uncomfortable. Because they take up too much space on the screen, even with the smallest font.

    In this regard, it would be cool to have following settings:
    1. Set the limit of maximum displayed users in the channel.
    2. Set the distance in pixels (vertical) between nicknames.

    So, the question is: are these settings already exist? Then tell me, how to customize this.
    If not, do you plan to add something like that?

  7. Hi, Great plug in! Thank you.
    I keep seeing this message in TS3:
    “A TSNotifier installation was found in E:\TS Notifier. The version of that installation(1.6.0c) is lower than the current TSNotifier Helper Plugin version(1.6.0d). This might cause issues, please consider updating TSNotifier.
    The newest version can be downloaded from”

    1. You get that message because you downloaded the HelperPlugin from MyTeamspeak. That version is newer(1.6.0d) than the last release of TSNotifier(1.6.0c). That version-check message is the only thing that’s new in 1.6.0d, which is why I didn’t release a new TSNotifier version.
      In other words: For now you can ignore that message.

  8. is there a way to make chat stay longer ? because its almost impossible to read chats in 1 or 2 seconds

  9. it’s not working now for Eve online.
    I updated and install the plugin, everything is ok. I add 1 in the ini file but is not working

    1. if the game doesn’t use at least direct3d9 you’re out of luck. You could try the hardware overlay(General – Hardware Overlay) but that won’t work when a game switches to fullscreen-mode(borderless window is ok though) and I can’t give any support for any issues that might come from using the hardware overlay.

  10. I am having a problem installing, it finds TS3 x64 but the plugin does not install, then it asks to install as admin and that fails as well?

    1. Sadly, that error-message is a bit missleading. It always shows when the plugin-installer can’t put the plugin file into the plugin-folder. This happens for example when you don’t have permissions to write to that folder(that’s why it asks for admin-rights). But it also happens if there already is plugin-file with the same name and that file can’t be overwritten for some reason. This could again be due to not having enough permisions but usually it’s simply because TS3 is still running and locking the file(admin-rights won’t help with that).
      tldr: Close ts3 and try again.

  11. works fine,now that I figured out that in Cliffs of Dover you need to start TS Notifier before you launch the game and then start TS once you in the cockpit,
    Also using the offset parameters for fine tuning where the speaker appears… works absolutely fine as long as I use negative value for X(to move it from right side of screen.

  12. Hi there,

    I love tsnotifier, have been using it for a while now. It’s fantastic that there’s a lightweight TS overlay available.

    Recently I built a new PC with a fresh install of Win 10 and a 1060 and it’s not working in the exact same game. The initialization message never shows up. I edited the ini file of course. (Old PC was 765m and Win10.) I tried the different d3d options to no avail. Is there anything you can suggest to try? Any debugging/logging?


  13. Hello!!!
    Thank you for your work. This tool is great in windows. Have you plans to make it for linux?

    Another time thanks.

  14. I am using win 7 in my one PC and Ts notifier works like a charm. But the other pc with windows to win10, it is not working often. Sometimes, it is not letting game to start up. Sometimes, it is causing game crash during alt tab operation. But sometimes it is working fine if i kill process of tsnotifier and start the game and restart the TS3 with starting ts notifier separately.

    Yeap, it is weird procedure with win10 OS. Just i am in luck, everything goes smoothly. If not , ehh it seems software not seems its mood for working.

    I tried, 32 and 64 version of TS3. several install and uninsall operations of TS and TS notifier is done. Lots of compability and admin rights variants tested. Just nope.

    1. i don’t know how i can help you. I’m using TSNotifier on windows 10 and don’t have any problems.
      could be a problem with the game itself.
      could be a graphics-setting.
      could be a problem with drivers.
      could be windows 10 gamemode.
      could be anything.

  15. Hello, i have a problem in 64bits, ts3 3.1.10 version: Api version is not compatible: 23 (min: 21, actual: 22)

    Any fix?

    1. Version 1.6.0h still works with TS3 3.5.3.
      Unless you mean the beta of the new Teamspeak client (5.0.0 beta). In that case all I can say is that it doesn’t support plugins, yet.

  16. First of all I want to say thanks for the great program. Works like charm.
    There’s one feature I’d like to have in there. Could it be possible to show talking channel commanders also? Would help me and the people in our community (CMP Gaming) a LOT.

  17. Hey – looks like TS Broken support for API v23. Are you planning to update the TSNotifier plugins? I would be awesome if you could 😀

      1. Hello,
        Have you had time to work on an update.
        In fact, TSnotifier has not been working for several months.

  18. Hello.
    I have to say I like your app. I’ve been using it since 2011.
    Could you help me please? After a long break I decided to play Eve online again but unfortunately TSnotifier did not work. I tried to run it as an administrator but it didn’t help. At the same time the application works in other games for example in Diablo 3. I also edited the gamesettings.ini file.
    Teamspeak 3 version 3.6.2, TSnotifier version 1.6.0i, directx 9.c are installed, Windows 11. Helper Plugin also installed.
    Any suggestions for fix?

    1. I’m sorry, I don’t have a solution either. Eve Online is just one of those games, that causes a lot of problems with TSNotifier.

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