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Finally, I found some time to update the English version of the TS Notifier HowTo. As I’m not a native speaker there might/will be some/many mistakes in there. If you notice anything please leave me a comment and I will be glad to correct it.

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  1. Hello, I am an admin for a teamplay klan which plays the old game of Vietcong.

    On our server, we only play as a team, and so we insist upon every player being on Teamspeak. This allows the Team Leaders orders to be heard (typing orders gets you killed lol). We have upgraded to TS3 recently, and I have been looking for a new overlay that works whilst in-game playing Vietcong.

    I have tried others, but caused me lots of game crashes. Your TS Notifier seems to work well for me but there is one problem. No matter how I tweak the options, I can not get the text log to display in-game. This is necessary, as some players do not have a mic, and text me using Teamspeak 3 chatlog. In your options there is a choice to display the log, but it does not appear for me.

    The voice display works perfectly in-game by the way!!!

    Please can you help? Best regards

    TC-Roland Deschain

    1. Currently the log-scroller only displays when someone joins/leaves your channel. This will be expanded in the future, I just don’t know when I will be able implement it.

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