TSNotifier Version 1.4.5

I just uploaded the new version.

    New in 1.4.5

  • added online update-check –> this will inform you of new versions, although you still have to download and update manually
  • added new entry to tray-menu: Update-Check –> let’s you configure the update-checker
  • added basic log functions –> the log-files will be saved in
  • renamed most settings in gamesettings.ini:
    enabled --> game.enabled
    position --> speaker.position
    logposition --> logscroller.position

    existing entries will be updated automatically when first loaded

  • added new settings in gamesettings.ini
    d3d9.enabled: enables(1) or disables(0) all d3d9 functionality (default:1)
    dxgi.enabled: enables(1) or disables(0) all dxgi (dx10/dx11) functionality (default:1)
    logs.LogLevel: with higher values TSNotifier will write more stuff into the log-files,
    values above 0 might lead to slowdowns (default:1)
    d3d9.usePresentHook: use alternative method for hooking in d3d9,
    might fix games, that otherwise wouldn’t work with TSNotifier (default:0)
    d3d9.hookSwapChain: another alternative method for hooking in d3d9,
    requires d3d9.usePresentHook=1 (default:0)
  • added [default] section to gamesettings.ini –> settings in this section
    will be default-values for all games (game.enabled is ignored in this section)
  • removed support for TeamSpeak2

As always the download can be found on http://tsnotifier.cfxxl.de/

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