5 thoughts on “TSNotifier Version 1.5.3a”

  1. does not work in WoT, version 1.5.2d to work properly with this again is a problem with the startup. I do not know what is due. specification
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    1. – make sure the TSNotifier Helper Plugin in TS3 also has version 1.5.3a
      – try running TSNotifier as admin
      – right-click tsnotifier tray-icon, select “About TSNotifier…”, make sure, that every file listed there shows version 1.5.3a

  2. hi,

    There is a problem with Eve Online…this ver is working with one client but when I start the second client, the second client freeze – is not responding

    1. please try version 1.5.3b. if that doesn’t fix the problem, try adding hook.legacyMode=1 to your gamesettings.ini. Example:


      1. I’ve had the same problem with Eve-Online, but this was the solution!

        Thanks for everything!

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