5 thoughts on “TSNotifier Version 1.5.2d”

  1. Dl last version of TsNotifier, but following message on plugin’s page :
    -Plugin failed to load:
    -Api version is not compatible

    Thanks in advance

    1. please, make sure you have at least ts3 version 3.0.9.
      If your ts3 is up to date, try this:
      1. stop ts3
      2. start tsnotifier
      3. right-click tray-icon
      4. click “Update HelperPlugins…”

      1. TS3 version 3.0.9 doesnt exist unless you’ve traveled back in time to write your comment. current ts3 client version is 3.0.14 (possibly you wrote the server version instead?)

        with the latest update to 3.0.14 my ts3notifier broke and ive uninstalled and reinstalled + tried the steps listed by yourself and hasn’t changed a thing.

        Notifier says its running when i start a game in the game window but in teamspeak it says:

        ‘Plugin failed to load:
        Api version is not compatible’

        API Version: 19 | Required: 20

        ive wiped 1.5.5a from my system (including associated files and folders) and fresh installed 1.5.5b and still no joy.

        1. 1. that comment was from 2012, when version 3.0.9 was the current version.
          2. you will have to wait until I upload a new version, that is compatible with the new ts3 version.

  2. Sorry my bad eng. In windows 7 tsnotifier worked well, on windows 8 loads but does not display information.

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