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  1. Sorry to bother yo, but this program is really in need in my profession, have you read the logs and .ini file i sent to you on Gmail?

    1. yes, i looked at your logs, but right now i don’t have any idea what could be wrong.

      you could try reinstalling tsnotifier after you uninstalled and deleted the installation folder
      also right-click the tray-icon and select About TSNotifier… and check if every file has the same version number

      and a question: do you have to run the game as administrator? maybe it would work if you didn’t do that.

    2. I finally did have the chance to test tsnotifier on windows xp and was able to to confirm some
      problems. One thing I noticed is that you can’t use the “Run as…” command on windows xp,
      neither for the game nor tsnotifier nor ts3, because windows will isolate the processes from
      each other although they run with the same user. There are some workarounds you could try.

      Workaround 1: don’t use “Run as…” at all. This obviously won’t work with games, that require

      Workaround 2: actually log in as admin and run everything directly.

      Workaround 3: create a .cmd file that starts everything for you and use the “Run as…” command
      on that .cmd file. This file could look like this ( obviously you will have to edit the paths):

      @echo off
      start /D "C:\Program Files\ts notifier\" tsnotifier.exe
      start /D "C:\Program Files\TeamSpeak 3 Client\" ts3client_win32.exe
      start /D "C:\Program Files\Game Folder\" game.exe

      1. Yes sorry I saw it after posting this, but couldn’t find a way to delete my second post.

        So how about is there a way to disable hw_overlay.ini when in a game (or a particular game) and instead rely on gamesettings.ini, but still have hw_overlay.ini work when not in-game?

        1. It would also be nice if there was a way to show when my own mic was muted, but not other peoples.

          I tried enabling ShowSpeaker, ShowAll and ShowSelf and setting OtherColor alpha to transparent. But this had two problems, the main one was speakers names would be spread out all over the place with random gaps between them. The second was that other peoples mutes could still be seen.

          I also tried with ShowSpeaker and ShowSelf enabled but ShowAll disabled. This fixed the speaker gap issue, but now I couldn’t tell when I was muted.

          The other facility that’s lacking is a setting to say how close together speakers names should be, the are pretty cramped for me right now.

          1. i added these things to my todo list, but they won’t be implemented in the near future

  2. Is it possible to have TSNotifier show when someone quits/disconnects/leaves the way it does when someone connects/joins the channel?

    Thank you.

    1. that’s not possible because as soon as someone leaves the server the client basically forgets his name so the plugin doesn’t know what to display

      1. Ahh gotcha, the one that ships with TS does it (don’t get me wrong, it’s otherwise inferior and this isn’t going to change that) so it must has some sort of trick for it. Thanks for the reply! 🙂

        1. yeah, it wouldn’t be completely impossible to do, but right now, that’s not a priority for me. but, maybe i will implement this sometime in the future.

  3. Hello, I’m trying to get your plugin to work with c&c generals or generals zero hour but no luck in that,
    I’ve tried other clients too
    all fail to render in game.
    it uses d3d8, have you tried it before with the plug-in?
    can it work?

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