10 thoughts on “TSNotifier Version 1.5.5b”

  1. For some reason 1.5.5b actually breaks the ffxiv overlay for me. I downgraded back to 1.5.5a and ffxiv started working again. Im using windows 7 64x and ts3 2.0.12

      1. That makes the overlay appear, but now there’s giant neon letters behind it that make the game unplayable. I was just posting to tell people who may be having trouble that using 1.5.5a for ffxiv works. I don’t have an issue with using the older version.

        1. another way to fix this for now seems to be to not use fullscreen mode. Since I only play in borderless window mode this never happened to me and I never noticed, that tsnotifier actually worked in fullscreen mode. Anyway, I will fix this in the next version once my development pc will be available again.

          1. now that I know when it happens, I was able to find the correct settings,
            that work for ffxiv in fullscreen mode, for people that don’t want to wait
            for the real fix in the next version:
            1. right click tsnotifier tray-icon
            2. click “Edit gamesettings.ini”
            3. find the [ffxiv.exe] section
            4. add “d3d9.hookMode=1” to that section so that it looks like this

  2. whenever i install the program everything goes well and when i try to open it this message appears

    “The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.” every time I tried to run my application.”

    please help

      1. Still the same problem did exactly what you told me but same error … also there is an error on TeamSpeak plugin , it cant recognize the plugin and says “Plugin failed to load:
        Failed to open plugin.”
        i have win 64 so i installed the tsnotifierhelper 64 but still
        do you have skype or facebook or something i can contact you faster? please?

        1. 1. goto your tsnotifier instalation-folder and run vcredist_x86.exe and vcredist_x64.exe (both).
          2. after that run UpdHelper.exe.
          3. make sure your windows-instalation is up-to-date (run windows-update)

          the sidebar has a link to my facebook page.

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